In my spare time I love to work on my own illustration projects, which I post on Instagram.

Had a lot of fun with the new @skillshare class from @wonderfall: Playing with Shapes in Procreate - Illustrate a Graphic Still Life 🍐

Thanks Sarah! :D
Made a banner and icons for the new webshop: Pets Amsterdam. Head on over to @petsamsterdam for all your favorite dog and cat items!
The fifth and final prompt for @ourplanetweek: Voice

As a new mom, I believe that you can use your voice at any age: my baby cries when he needs something, that's his way of communicating. 

You always have the possibility to show your peers how things can be done differently and why preserving the earth is so important. 

In this digital age, the barrier for being able to speak up is getting increasingly lower. Let's use those voices to change things for the better!
The fourth prompt for @ourplanetweek: Reuse and reduce ♻️

Why is it that we have to own everything ourselves? Capitalism. Did you know that on average, only 5% of the time cars are used? And when do you mow your lawn? Once every few weeks in the growing season? 

In this Community Shed you can use tools to upcycle old furniture, fix and wash your clothes, have a vegetable garden, share a car, etc. This is how I see the future, splitting the costs and sharing tools together to reuse and reduce.
The third prompt for @ourplanetweek: Biodiversity 🍀

Biodiversity refers to every living thing, including plants, bacteria, animals, and humans. I've tried to highlight the little things that are sometimes overlooked. 

Information from IPCC: If you’ve ever picked up a handful of rich, dark, fragrant soil, you’ll know that it’s crawling with life: worms, grubs, insects, fungus, and millions of microorganisms. That life is what makes soils resilient and fertile. But over the past half-century, industrial agriculture, with its reliance on aggressive ploughing and chemical inputs, has been killing soil ecosystems at a rapid clip. UN scientists have found that 40% of the planet’s soils are now seriously degraded. Agricultural soil is being lost more than 100 times faster than it is being formed.
The second prompt for @ourplanetweek: Energy 🔥 

Besides solar and wind power we also have things like geothermal, tidal power, and wave power 🦾 Geothermal energy is heat that is generated within the Earth. (Geo means “earth,” and thermal means “heat” in Greek.) Geothermal energy isn't entirely renewable—it will run out when the Earth does. In about 5 billion years ;)
First prompt for @ourplanetweek: Protect 🌎 

A quote from Jason Hickel: "When people go to the supermarket, they take for granted that they'll find all the seafood they love: cod, hake, haddock, salmon, tuna - species that are central to human diets all around the world. But this easy certainty is beginning to crumble. Recent figures show that around 85% of global fish stocks are now depleted or facing collapse. Haddock has fallen to 1% of their former volume; halibut, those magnificent giants of the sea, to one-fifth of 1%. Fish catches are beginning to decline around the world, for the first time in recorded history. In the Asia-Pacific, fishery yields are on track to hit zero by 2048."
I’m joining @ourplanetweek this year, to create awareness through illustration and inspire change! 

Are you joining too? Read more about it on their website:
Bring nature inside 🍃
Vampire in a digital world 🩸
What if you can't choose a style? There are so many awesome ones 🤯

Which do you prefer?
Goal 🏳
As creatives, we all know the severities of not knowing what to draw, design, write or whatever creative profession. In other words a creative block. In the olden days people wrote down the what's and actions on pieces of paper, threw them in a bowl, tossed them around and paired them one by one. To save the environment (and of course, create an illustrations for this :D) I created a digital version of it: Blok.

So, don’t know what to create? Blok helps you to unblock with a what and an action. Visit Blok here:

Stutpak is 3 years old! Also, from this year on I will work full-time as a freelance illustrator 😎 (need some work done? 😉). That should be celebrated and that's why I'm giving away three packages. These packages contain inspirational books, magazines, stickers & products of mine and other artists (worth around €75 each 🤩)!

Leave a comment below to enter this give-away! Fate will pick 3 winners on the 1st of Februari 🔮.
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