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Stutpak: Andra Nijman’s design studio where she brings everything in her head to life. Andra is an entrepreneur and illustrator, creator of creative concepts and has a practical mindset. She works closely with the client to achieve a great final result.

I am a freelance illustrator from The Netherlands, specialized in digital illustration and character design. I create playful and colorful illustrations with funny characters to make people of all ages feel good. I prefer to work on my iPad Pro and the Procreate app combined with Adobe CC. This way I can also participate in live sessions and show rough sketches of my ideas.

My background in graphic design means I know how to create illustrations that work perfectly for the right medium. Illustrations are there to get the reader's attention. People have a strong visual preference, so if an image is visible somewhere, it immediately draws attention.

I use a combination of fresh colors and flexible lines to convey emotions. Together with kindness and positivity, these give strength to my visual stories. This mix works for any project: from (children's) books to editorial illustrations, wall decoration, websites, apps and more.

My illustrations provide attention, inspiration and recognition.

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How do you work? What is your process with a customer project?

I work the same way for every project, regardless it's size. See below the steps I follow after each briefing.

Step 1 - Research & Strategy: A session in which we determine which visual direction to go.

Step 2 - Sketches & Atmosphere: I provide the first sketches where we also look at color options.

Step 3 - Concept proposal: Proposal of the chosen sketch and color option.

Step 4 - Elaboration: Apply details and develop concept.

Step 5 - Realization & Delivery: Prepare for production, transfer and completion.

During these steps there is also a feedback round every time. I believe that you work on a project together, I don't have a "you ask, we run" mentality. Together you achieve the best result. I keep every client informed of the steps I take and why I have made those choices.

Want to work together?

Every project is best completed when we work together. The more brains there are together, the cooler the ideas and illustrations become. This is only possible with you.

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