Boob plants


New plants discovered! 🌿 A number of scientists have discovered so-called boob plants. They asked me to illustrate these, including the Latin plant names. To give these plants as much attention as possible, I made A6 postcards out of it!


One of the best things as an illustrator is to create your own story for your own project. During the first Drink 'N Draw in Enschede, the theme was: plants with a personality. Together with 20 other illustrators we started this free assignment. I like to think up stories for my self-invented projects - including the fictional scientists and Latin plant names.

Chosen stijl & process

I have focused on 2 colors: green and soft pink. I've been working with watercolor and texture brushes in Procreate on my iPad Pro. Before I started working out the plants I first looked in the CMYK color fan to see which colors look best on paper.


To give these plants as much attention as possible, I made A6 postcards of them. Definitely a tip to send to all (soon-to-be) mothers or to hang somewhere in your home ;)

photo of 4 boob plant cards
digital image of 4 boob plant cards
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