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A few months ago Elena, from Bench Time Stories, approached me for a project collaboration from one of her clients. This client wanted to make a little dictionary for breast cancer patients that helps them to navigate through the jungle of medical terminology, so the patient feels a bit more enabled to understand things, inform themselves and get the upper hand in a way. 


The first thing I did was make some sketches for the front cover of the book, the table of contents (the path the patients follow in this book), and one of the pages. Below you see the sketches for the front cover of the booklet, the idea was that the doctor gives the patient comfort with his arm around her.

front sketches breast cancer dictionary

After that I created a few style options to see which way we were going, along with some characters. Below you see a character at a younger and older age.

character sketches breast cancer dictionary
character sketches breast cancer dictionary
styleframes breast cancer dictionary

They liked the more softer approach with the pastel watercolors, so I created more options in that style. 

watercolor styleframes breast cancer dictionary


Once we had the client's approval from the first illustration, I sketched out the rest and made finals. This dictionary is now in the making as a hardcover book in German, French and Italian.

colors breast cancer dictionary
finals breast cancer dictionary
table of contents breast cancer dictionary
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