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Before Covid-19 a great event was planned for children: Stoepkrijt voor vrijheid (create sidewalk chalk drawings to celebrate freedom). In addition, the children would all receive a box of sidewalk chalk along with an inspirational menu with which they could draw on the tiles. This event will most likely be moved to a date in Fall 2020 or May 2021.

front of the "menu"

Chosen style

The design of the menu had to contain sample texts and images that children could possibly adopt on the sidewalk. As an illustrator I wanted to show cool letters without the children getting the idea that they could not do something like this themselves because it seemed too difficult. The same for the illustrations I created.


To give the children a good idea of what it will look like, we used the colors (other shades) that the children received in their sidewalk chalk package: red, yellow, green and blue. By using chalk brushes they also get a good idea of what the effects can be with sidewalk chalk.


They printed 50 menus and 800 stickers for the boxes of the sidewalk chalk. 

inside menu
back of the menu
sidewalk chalk sticker
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