One or more?

Most creatives are advised once in their life, especially at the beginning of their career: if you study one style, you will be successful! But what if you like a lot of styles? Are you unsuccessful? Or does this actually work to your advantage?

Think of it like reading books; in essence, it remains a book but you have so many types of genres. One person can be completely absorbed in one genre, another reads something about gardening in the morning, and in the evening she finds herself in a fantasy world full of dragons and knights. That's how I see illustration styles too. In essence, it remains an illustration but made in different ways.

Personally, I get really excited about trying out new styles. How does this work? What happens if I do this like this? I think it also makes me better as an illustrator, you can look at the subject in different ways. It also allowed me to work for very nice customers, who all get something unique. This won't work for everyone, so my advice is: just do your thing ;)

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