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Animation and traveling exhibition

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For a significant portion of my time, I work as a freelancer at Beeldprikkels in Zwolle. Over the past couple of months, we've been deeply engaged in an exciting project for Gemeente Zwolle called "Over Geloof en Liefde" (About Faith and Love), where we've created a website, magazine, animation, and a traveling exhibition. I had the opportunity to work on the animation and the exhibition part, with my colleagues. It's a multifaceted topic with many dimensions, and throughout this project, we aimed to shed light on various perspectives.

Role: Design, animation and direction

Introduction to Over Geloof en Liefde

"There's much to be said about faith and love. Yet, discussing them isn't always straightforward or easy everywhere. Over Geloof & Liefde aims to initiate conversations. To give beliefs and experiences a voice and a face. We seek to build bridges between churches, faith communities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and LGBTQ+ organizations. In essence, we aim to connect faith and love. We accomplish this by bringing together personal narratives and diverse beliefs. We contribute to encounters and dialogues, connect questions with answers, share knowledge and information, and provide referrals for assistance and support. This way, we can learn from and about each other, fostering mutual respect and curiosity. Because that's where understanding and recognition begin: engaging in dialogue Over Geloof & Liefde together."


As we worked on the animation, we explored different visual styles to make sure it matched the project's theme. We tried out various techniques to find the right mix of creativity and consistency. I expanded on the existing brand colors to give the palette more depth, capturing the essence of faith and love. Adding blur elements strategically helped create a sense of intimacy and gentleness, highlighting the personal stories at the heart of the project. They also helped guide the viewer's focus within the animation. Our careful attention to these details aimed to create an engaging experience, drawing the audience into the emotional core of the project.


Selection of stills

closed doors.png
talking team.png
working together.png
talking groups.png

Traveling exhibition

The challenge with this exhibition was to ensure that all elements were easily transportable and deployable for moving on to other locations.


To meet this challenge, we crafted a range of items, including merchandise stands, a block tower, postcards, acrylic stained glass pieces, and large forex photo panels featuring the individuals interviewed for the project. Additionally, we designed and collaborated with Binthout in Zwolle to produce wooden components essential for the exhibition's structure and aesthetic.


With the visual design of the animation, I laid out most of the elements to ensure that the animation was reflected in the physical exhibition as well.

"Stained" glass

Our goal was to give the exhibition a church-like vibe with a modern touch. To experiment with different methods and keep costs down, we created "stained glass" artworks using laser-cut plexiglass. Each piece had two black frames with lines where colored plexiglass could be placed in between. When light shone through, it gave off a true stained glass feel.

Photos by Barbara Trienen


Photography stands

The focal point of the traveling exhibition was the photographs of the interviewed individuals. To effectively capture attention, we opted to print the photos in a very large format and display their stories on the back.

Photos by Barbara Trienen


Merch stands and information points

We wanted visitors to be able to take away information for later reference or as inspiration. To achieve this, we displayed a magazine created by my colleagues, along with 16 postcards I designed, for them to browse through. Additionally, there was a section featuring an Insights Collection where visitors could offer or read advice on the subject matter.

Photos by Barbara Trienen


Aftermovie and making of

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