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Illustrations for Volkskeuken


Volkskeuken, translated "People's Kitchen," embodies the spirit of communal dining, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to cook, share meals, and cultivate connections. With a belief in the unifying power of food, Volkskeuken creates inclusive spaces where everyone can partake in the joy of communal dining.


For their crowdfunding campaign, the initial plan was for an animation and infographic. Due to timing constraints, I recommended a comprehensive landing page as a centralized source for information.


I began by setting up the website framework using the provided copy. With the wireframe in place, it became clear which sections required spot illustrations or photographs. From rough sketches to final illustrations, I curated visuals that complemented the website's narrative, offering a preview of its potential appearance.


This crowdfunding endeavor was more than just a design project—it was storytelling. It spoke of unity, diversity, and the transformative power of food to unite communities. I am proud to have contributed to bringing this narrative to life.

Click here to hear the podcast (Dutch)


Special thanks to Marieke from Moon Sparkles Productions for initiating the project inquiry. Her vision and enthusiasm played a pivotal role in launching this creative endeavor.

Role: Design and direction

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