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Illustrations for Gemeente Deventer

The Gemeente Deventer approached me with a request to create illustrations for a sustainability project within the municipality. They needed a character/mascot named Charlie, a basset hound puppy, and headers for various topics.


They had already shared a mood board with the desired style, and the brand colors were also established. Based on this, I created sketches and a style proposal. After some minor adjustments, approval was given, and I proceeded to create the rest of the headers.


The topics included: Waste and Reuse, Home, Garden, Subsidies, and Transportation. It was important to incorporate a human aspect into all the illustrations. For this, we chose a hand performing an action for each header.

Visit the live website


I would like to thank Niek from the Gemeente Deventer for this great request; it was a fantastic project to work on!

Role: Design and direction

Charlie, the Basset Hound puppy

Charlie rechtsboven_3x.png
Charlie verticaal_3x.png
Charlie linksonder_3x.png



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