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Marvy Green explainer animation

I made this explainer animation for Marvy Green, a non-profit urban greening store. They invest their profit in their vision. This means that they invest everything that remains at the bottom of the line in greening the city. Think of donating green roofs and facades to residents and institutions that cannot afford it.

Through De Nieuwe Gevers, an online platform where you can donate your skills, Marvy Green asked for an animation to clearly convey their message through animation. Apart from a logo, a few colors and icon elements, they didn't really have a style yet. With what existed I continued to develop and thus ended up with this style. I also guided them in writing the voice-over text.

Role: Design, animation and direction

"The animation created by Andra takes our way of storytelling to a higher level.

Visually appealing, understandable, and in a very fitting style. With the video, we hope to better reach our target audience and create broader awareness that we are a non-profit organization." - Lieke from Marvy Green

Rough storyline

rough storyline mg.png


storyboard mg.png

Nature elements

nature elements mg.png

Selection of stills

11 copy.png
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