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Wordlenig is a company based in Enschede that focuses on companies that have great ideas for innovation. For the new building I made a design for the 8x2m mural.

In addition, Wordlenig wanted a great promotional gift for 200 relations that people could use for a long time. That is how the idea arose to illustrate a complete notebook that looks cool, so that people want to keep it longer and actually want to use it.

mural made by stutpak for wordlenig


I wanted to bring back the flexible side of Wordlenig, hence the long arms that can go in any direction. First I made sketches of the illustrations all over the wall, then I painted the mural. The hands represent a word in sign language, can you guess what it says?

Chosen style and process

The mural was created on the basis of the design for the promotional gifts. To draw a line in the colors and message. Before we started painting, I first drew rough lines with the help of a beamer.


250 notebooks were printed, all of which we sent separately in tissue paper along with a pen, sticker and greeting card. The mural was completed in 2 days together with the colleagues from Wordlenig.

mural wordlenig left side
mural wordlenig right side
front notebook wordlenig
back notebook wordlenig
inside notebook wordlenig
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